• Data Science Course (IFT6758B)
    Glen Berseth.

    I teach a course on Data Science that covers the most imprtant concepts needed for students to become good data scientists.
    septembre 2022.

  • Montreal Robotics Summer School (2022)
    Glen Berseth.

    The Go1 hardware Practicing with hardware This years champions

    Robotics is a rapidly growing field with interest from around the world. This summer school offers tutorials and lectures on state-of-the-art machine learning methods for training the next generation of learning robots. This summer school is an extension supported by the many robotics groups around Montreal.
    août 2022.

  • Course in Robot (real-world-agent) Learning
    Glen Berseth.

    Learning from images Learning reward functions Learning in the real world

    I teach a course on machine learning for the real world. This course focuses on deep reinforcement learning methods and their application to control real world systems (robotics, etc). [Here](https://diro.umontreal.ca/public/FAS/diro/Documents/1-Programmes-cours/Horaires/2023Hiver2Cyc.html) is a link to where you can find the course offered on the DIRO web page as IFT 6163.
    septembre 2021.