Data Science Course (IFT6758B)

I teach a course on Data Science that covers the most imprtant concepts needed for students to become good data scientists.

Content and objectives of class

This course is an introduction to data science (DS), a science that combines statistics, data processing, machine learning, scientific inquiry, visualization, business analytics, and big data. The purpose of data science is to address or gain insight into some problem in the real world by the application of computational and statistical techniques.

The course will cover the following subjects:.

Notions covered (indicative titles):

  • Conda
  • Version Control
  • Databases
  • Pandas
  • Containers
  • Data Visualization
  • Data collection, web scraping
  • Virtualization and Docker
  • Feature engineering
  • Regression
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Classification Problems with Scikit-Learn
  • Feature Selection, outlier detection