Principal Investigator

  • Picture of Glen Berseth
    Glen Berseth

    Research Areas: Reinforcement learning, Robotics, Machine Learning, Generalization, Planning

PhD Students

  • Picture of Albert Zhan
    Albert Zhan

    Research Areas: Deep Reinforcement Learning, Robotics

  • Picture of Charlie Gauthier
    Charlie Gauthier

    Research Areas: Deep Reinforcement Learning, Robotics, Sim2Real

Masters Students

  • Picture of Simon Demule
    Simon Demule

    Research Areas: Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Signal Processing

  • Picture of Adriana Hugensen
    Adriana Hugensen

    Research Areas: Reinforcement Learning, Safe Exploration, Unsupervised Learning

  • Picture of Roger Creus
    Roger Creus

    Research Areas: Reinforcement Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Robotics

Software Developers


  • Picture of Raj Ghugare
    Raj Ghugare

    Co-supervisor: Liam Paull
    Research Areas: Deep reinforcement learning, Representation Learning

Undergraduate Students

  • Karim Boumghar

    Research Areas: Unsupervised Reinforcement Learning

  • Jeremy Qin

    Research Areas: Computer Vision


Undergraduate Students

  • Rodney Yi (May 2020 - Sep 2022) -- Next