The Lab performs research across machine learning, planning and robotics. See our publications for more details on what the current members are studying.

Here is a mutable list of topics of interest for the lab. Students should be interested in these topics when applying and reference their related topics of interest when applying.

  • Sequential decision making and reinforcement learning: multi-agent RL, generalization in RL, hierarchical RL, sample efficient RL, RL for discovery, language-based RL agents, goal conditioned RL, offline RL.
  • Unsupervised Learning: unsupervised RL, intrinsic rewards, representation learning for deepRL, safe RL.
  • Robotics: Legged robotics, planning from vision, autonomous learning, large models for robotics, control theory, Sim2Real.
  • Computer Vision: Vision models for robotics, vision-language models, invariant representations.

Please apply through one of these forms. It is unlikely I will respond to individual emails.

Undergraduate, IFT3150 project, intern, or visiting research MSc/PhD

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Interested in MSc or PhD supervision

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Interested in Post-Doctoral Research

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